About Catford

About Catford

Situated in the London Borough of Lewisham, Catford is a district of South-East London. It is famous for its fibreglass black cat sculpture that can be seen in the town centre on the high street. The name  was probably taken from a ford across the River Ravensbourne that was frequented by wild cats in the past. Unlike many other parts of London, this part of London hasn’t changed much in recent years due to gentrification and it still reflects how it was like in the past to live in a district of central London.

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Flats and rooms to rent in Catford

A mostly residential area with plenty of beautiful Victorian and Edwardian properties which are still reasonably priced. You can even find a spacious home with a garden, which with the many playgrounds, good schools and parks dotting the area, make it an ideal place for families.


Catford has four railway stations all in all, and with the Catford and Catford bridge half-hourly trains, you can get to Charing Cross in around 20 minutes.