About Hackney

About Hackney

Hackney EmpireFor those who are living in Hackney, this means that you are living in one of the most fashionable areas of London. A lot of people have come and settled here as it is considered to be one of the destinations in London that many people would like to live in. This is an area which is a perfect blend of modernization along with the traditional touch. You have Hoxton and Shoreditch which is around the corner. There is always something in store for everyone who lives in this area. You also have the Charing Cross which is around four miles and is else known as Hackney Central. This is a place which also holds a lot of historic significance as it was one of the affected places during the World War II. There are a lot of notable institutions and attractions in this area such as Arcola theatre, Hoxton Hall, White Cube etc, Sutton House, and the Towers of Hackney etc.

A brief history about Hackney

This is one of the rural ancient areas of London, a place where King Henry VII had a palace in and where important members of the court of the Tudors had their houses in. After the Iron Bridge and railway lines arrived in this area, this entire suburb of London started to change dramatically, have effectively has been rebuilt. A lot of the houses and other such properties that you can see here are pretty fresh because during the Second World War the Georgian and old Victorian properties were damaged, though the ones which were left and been refurbished have become a popular property for tenants.

Living in Hackney

Over the past few years, this area has gained its popularity, it is one of the more popular areas for those looking to live in London, in a rich in history yet modernized area, and looking to rent in the avg. 500gbp per week budget.  Hackney in general is quite diverse in population, and attracts a lot of artists and young hipsters.  Hackney is also popular for its wide selection of bars and pubs, suitable to any taste and style, as well as it’s many shops and markets offering all kinds of fabrics and fashionable designer items.  Some of the more popular sightseeing attractions in Hackney are the Hackney Museum, Vyner Street Gallery, Victoria Park and the Art Pavilion.


There are no underground stops in this area; however it does have the Overground Hackney Central Railway Station and the Hackney Downs Railway station which have frequent trains departing to Liverpool Street. You can also use busses when you are travelling to various other parts of London.

People living in Hackney

Hackney is a mixed pot of people that have come and settled here, while majority of the crowd here are veteran Britons, there are also many smaller ethnic groups who moved to Hackney over the decades.