About Soho London

About Soho London

soho london chinatownWhat can be said about Soho.. A long established entertainment district which has become a beating heart for fashion, dining and marketing, with global impact on the industries it touches. Located in the City of Westminster and partially touching the West End of London, Soho is a small area of London, very diverse and multicultural, mixing together rich and poor residents looking for its unique ambiance. Soho is a paradise for those who want to be in a place that has good night life alongside various genres of Entertainment, while during the weekends, this area gets crowded with tourists and many people coming from all across London to spend some time.

History of Soho

Soho got its names as Tudor Kings used to use this area for their hunting purpose. The hunting cry that was shouted was SOHO. Later on it started becoming a commercial area and there were a lot of French expats that lived here around the 17th and 18th Centuries. This is one of the main reasons why you will get to see a touch of French reflecting in the architecture. This is considered to be the heartbeat of London and is also known for Jazz music. For those who love Asian and Chinese food, Chinatown here is the perfect place to visit.

Accommodations in Soho London

Soho is a sought after place to live in, with many small one bedroom flat going at around 500 gbp per week. Over the years, this area has developed and also has a modernized touch to certain parts of it. There are many students living in flatshares across Soho, benefiting from its vivid life and accessibility to other parts of London, adding to Soho’s mixture of cultures and cosmopolitan vibe. Known as a mixed pot of people coming from Jewish, Russian, Italian and French backgrounds. As it is an area that is multicultural, it has its warmth and welcomes people from different parts of the globe with open arms.

Nightlift in Soho

Centrally located in London, and a popular location for people from all across London to spend the weekend in, Soho offers countless fine restaurants, numerous entertainment venues and drinking spots. Soho London is also the main unofficial LGBT gay capital of London, with many lounges, bars and clubs for the gay community, as well as cabaret shows and sing-along clubs. This part of Soho, known as the Gay Village, is the area surrounding Old Compton street in the southern section of Soho, and it overlaps with Soho’s red light district, which has many sex shops and strip bars.

Transportation in Soho

There are many public transportation routes running across Soho, making it very easily accessible to all directions, with underground stations located at Piccadilly Circus, Oxford Circus, Leicester Square and Tottenham Court Rd., those service all the 4 corners of Soho together with the mainline train running from the Charing Cross station. Generally speaking, Soho is not a place to own a car, as there are quite a lot of traffic passing through it, though you can find a parking station on Poland st.