About Clapham

About Clapham, London

Clapham is located in South-West London, within the London Borough of Lambeth. If you’re moving to London and you’re looking for a place to live, then take you should consider renting a flat or a room in Clapham, as it’s currently one of the trendiest places for living in London.

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Interesting facts about Clapham

Clapham’s records date back over 1000 years. It started out as a small rural village and experienced significant growth throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries as it transformed into an upper-class area. During this time, many reformers lived in Clapham, including a group known as ‘The Clapham Sect’. The group’s most famous member was William Wilberforce, who was a main figure of the era’s anti-slavery campaign.

In the early twentieth century, the appaerence of the railway brought a great change to the demographic of Clapham, as it became a commuter suburb for the working class. During World War II, the area was immensely bombed, which is still visible in the air raid shelters situated across Clapham. Its regeneration began in the 80s and today it’s considered one of the most fashionable places for living in London.

Flats and rooms to rent in Clapham

Although the prices of real estate has grown steadily over the last few years, it is still possible to find a good bargain – depending on which part would of Clapham you’re goign to live in. For students and young professionals, Clapham North or Clapham Junction might be the place to live, as they are cheaper and livelier due to the wide selection of restaurants and local pubs. For extended families looking to rent a flat in Clapham, the Old Town or Clapham South couldnb be a more suitable place.

Transportation in Clapham

For those who work in the City, Clapham has one of the best transportation lines in London and you can get to the centre in must 10 minuts from Clapham Junction station.