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Events in London

Get updated with our Events in London calendar to make sure you’re not missing out on the popular events of the week.



Events in London


One of the most attractive reasons for moving to London is for the cultural rich, diverse, vibrant atmosphere of the city. Whether you are into sports, music, art or anything in between, all around the year there are hundreds of Events in London for students and expats. Here are a few of the most popular events in the city that you can enjoy after you find a room in London:

The Proms

The Promenade concert, usually referred to as The Proms, is a festival that captures the hearts and ears of classical music fans from all over the city. Every year from July to September 92 classical music performances are put on in the Queen’s Hall, a music hall that can hold 1,400 people. For just £5 you can watch and listen to the works of Beethoven, Wagner, and many others.

The Mayor’s Thames Festival

Celebrating the river at the heart of the city, the Thames Festival is an annual event that happens on the banks between the Tower Bridge and Westminster Bridge. Whether you want to listen to choir performances, view art from students who study in London, or watch one of the hundreds of short films, the festival provides entertainment and education for all ages.


For sports fans, one of the most iconic sporting events in the world takes place in Southwest London. As the oldest tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon draws in thousands of fans to watch some of the best tennis players in the world compete at the highest level. If you are moving to London and are a tennis fan, you can’t miss out on this two week event.

Other Events

In addition to these iconic events happening in London, hundreds of other events take place throughout the city each year. Join now to RoomMatesUK facebook page to get updates on events for expats and students living in London!

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