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Expats in London – The best free tools to move to the UK

Moving to the UK? Looking to meet up with other expats in London? This bundle of free useful tools is for you!

expats in London

Whether you wish to live in the UK or you have already settled here in pursuit of your dreams and career development, you may have lots of question about your expat project. Talking to and meeting with other expats is the most useful way to have an easy landing, especially in a metropolis like London or one of the other big cities across the UK, as you’re not familiar yet with the country, its customs, culture and daily routine. The boundless opportunities England offers to skilled professionals makes it an ideal hotspot for expatriation, as it offers a unique experience for personal growth in both academic and professional ways.

On Expat.com, the leading platform dedicated to life abroad, you’ll find thousands of expats in London and across the UK, as well as soon-to-be expats, exchanging information, share tips and advice, expand their network and make new friends either online or in meeting events in real life.

Most popular expat destinations in the England:

Besides London, other popular locations include cities such as Birmingham, Bradford, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Coventry, Essex, Kent, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Oxford, Sheffield, Sussex, and Yorkshire. Each on of those locations has its own distinct features, mixture of cultures, and economic strength. Check out the forums and meeting events of Expat.com for each of these destinations to learn the up-to-date trends and all the small bits and bites of living in each area.

Important things to remember: 

When moving to England, don’t forget to sort out your expatriate health insurance, make sure your paperwork is in order, get familiar with the basics of the tax system, verify your driving licence requirements and understand the procedure and requirements for renting a flat in the UK.

Details on all of the above you can easily find on Expat.com, which is much more than a social community for expatriates,  as it offers you a bundle of free tools to help you prepare in the best way for your rewarding expat project, those include jobs listings section, useful guides, interviews with professional in various trades, classifieds ads, and agenda of events organized across England, both online and in person, bringing you all the answers and information you need for your successful expat daily life!

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