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Find houseshares and rooms in London!

RoomMatesUK.com Offers the most interactive way to find Houseshares in London!

Today, as more and more international students move abroad to new countries to pursue their high education studies, it is getting increasingly difficult to find a safe, convenient and comfortable place to stay which is still cheap and centrally located closer to public transportation.  This resulted in the rapidly growing trend of flatsharing in the UK, in which local and foreign student are searching to rent a room in London for the duration of their studies in London, rather than renting a flat by themselves. If you’re looking to Find houseshares and rooms in London or to meet  new flatmates online, just go to www.RoomMatesUK.com – the social network for flatmates and flatsharing in London!

When searching for a room in London, there are certain factors to consider besides the rent price. Remember to check the safety of the area, the proximity to public transportation, noisiness of the neighborhood, the existing facilities around the house, and of course – the nature of your future flatmates and housemates.

On RoomMatesUK.com you can compare detailed profiles of flats, flatmates and rooms in London; you can create your own favorites list, messages and Chat Online with your best matching profiles in a secure and easy way.

How Does it Work?

RoomMatesUK.com is an interactive portal made for renting flats and rooms in London. It is also a safe and easy way for students in London to meet their new flatmates when moving to a flatshare in the UK. This is more than just a website it’s an interactive experience and a great way to meet new flatmates and make new friends in London sharing the same hobbies as you and studying in one  of the many universities in London, UK.


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