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Picking your new home

Tips and tricks of the trade for finding a house in London

For those of you that have yet to become aware of this, finding a house in London is not an easy feat. House-hunting is a tough process and, needless to say, you have your work cut out for you! That is why we gathered some tips and tricks of the trade, so you can get a little bit of help through this troublesome process.


Get started early

You may well be telling yourself that there is still time. However, doing the research is a time sensitive task and necessary even before you get to the actual viewings. Thinking about the area, checking the council tax rates, having a look at the rents and the availability of properties with your criteria is essential from the get go. Start as early as possible, and you will see the benefits further down the road.


Location matters

Commuting in London is not an easy task, and as such neither is finding an area that you like and at the same time works for you. We suggest having a look at your commute options before narrowing down the areas of your search – it will save you both the trouble of looking into houses that don’t work for you, as well as the trouble of booking a property that makes the commute a headache. Another great tip along those lines is checking the distance from the tube, and what the walk feels like to you. Even if the house is in a perfect location, the walk to the tube may not feel suitable or safe, something to avoid at all costs.


Go to viewings

Anyone that has ever gone house-hunting in London will attest to the importance of the viewings. More times than not, the houses that you come across online look picture perfect and unlike how they actually look or feel in person. Keep in mind that, if you are in London when doing your search, it is essential to dedicate time to attending these viewings.


Double check what’s included

When browsing through a property, there are things that you need to be on the lookout for – i.e.: is it furnished, and are any of the bills included? However, this goes to a whole other level if you are looking for a studio. In many instances you will not find a studio with its own bathroom. That is why if you are looking for a studio, then roaming through residences in London may be a better option. The Stay Club Colindale, for example, offers ensuite studios with kitchenettes and great large communal areas that are ideal for all kinds of academic and professional work. This ensures that you get your money’s worth more than in an independent studio option.


Don’t look in one place

Although real-estate agents will normally do the trick, they can be quite the nuisance from time to time. So we suggest you browse through as many portals as you can for these purposes. Zoopla, for one, has an awesome app that even calculates your monthly total with the bills (and an extremely user-friendly interface may we add). On the other hand, Openrent has the added plus of bypassing those pesky admin fees altogether. If you’re still looking for additional information about moving to London or need in for moving services, checkout this additional move to London guide which is published on the Compare My Move website.

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