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Tips for finding the best flat shares in London

Tips for finding flat shares in London

Flat shares in LondonFinding a Flatmate or a room in London can be quite hard nowadays, because let’s face it – we all have our certain set of moods and expectations from the person we live with, so sharing a flat or a house will also have its ups and downs. On the other hand – sharing a property is a great way to meet new people, make new friends and of course lower the monthly expenses, so check out these awesome tips for the best experience when searching for flat shares in London.





1. Be open!

Though it’s usually the case that female flatmates prefer an “all girl houseshare” due to privacy reasons, and male flatmates might feel more comfortable in a “guy’s flatshare”, there are many good experiences and added values of sharing a flat with both sexes, as it often leads to a more balanced and harmonic experience where people adjust and become more tentative to each other’s needs.

In addition, London is vast metropolitan and home to numerous nationals speaking all kind of languages, so take that into consideration if you’re also looking to improve your language skills on the way.

Multi gender flat share in London


2. Meet in person

Don’t rush and move in with someone you only had a brief encounter with online.  Remember that a flatmate is a person that you will spend a considerable time with, so you need to asses if you can bond together or not. This is important because you do need to feel yourself at home when you come back from your hard day of studying at the university, so getting a Flatmate in London that has a similar lifestyle with yours or that at least has a lifestyle that doesn’t not compete with yours (and even complement it), is very important! So when you’re searching for a flat share in London, try to set up a  meeting with that person beforehand, so you can get a feeling on how you two get along, as sharing an apartment is no easy feat and this is indeed a necessity.

Finding flatmates in London


3. Joint hobbies?

Many times, a good way to find your best matching Flatmate is by comparing your hobbies, as people which have something in common will have a much easier time connecting and living together, so keep that in mind when meeting and comparing the attributes of your future flatmate.

professional house share london


4. Realize your budget

THIS is one of the most important issues when finding a flatmate. London is a very expensive city to live in, and fights about budgetary issues between flatmates, and even friends, are a big issue, which usually erupts when it’s time to pay the bills.. Each person has a different budget capability, so you have to clarify this issue and make sure your flatmates have the same budget as yours, or that they are able to pay more or less if they decide to take for example a bigger or a smaller room in the flatshrae. Leaving the costs unattended to before moving in to the flat share will almost certainly be a cause for arguments in the future, so it will be best to clarify this issue with your housemates BEFORE moving in and signing the rental agreement of the property.

Sharing monthly bills - shared property


5. go online

If you decided to search for flat shares in London, then you can start by posting your flatmate listing online, so you can start and interact with other looking for flat sharing in the same areas as you, and find the ones which also have the same interests.

Remember – when looking for a room to rent, or if you have a room to let and you’re just interested to meet new flatmates, you should take into consideration these tips and remember that safety  is an important factor, so make sure to get as much information as possible before making any deposit or rent payments.

Finding a flatshare in London online - RoomMatesUK.com

Good luck in your search, and if you have any more tips about finding house shares in Lonodn, feel free to post them on our facebook page and to follow us on twitter! J

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