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Flat sharing in London

Considered one of the greatest cities in the world, with hundreds of thousands of students and expats living in it, London sets a high bar when it comes to rental prices. Renting a flat in London can get very expensive, especially for students. Even when looking for a flat share London, it is important to remember that the total costs of the rent and utilities still manage to be high.

To cope with the high rents, many students and young professionals looking to live in the hip, central locations of London, turn to flat sharing. It is very common to see house shares with many international tenants. Some house as many as 15 flatmates while others are smaller flats shared by two or three flatmates.  The main advantages of a flatshare or a house share it that it allows to live in your preffered area in a cool, cosy flat and share it with one or more roommates or flat mates coming from other countries to live or study in London, making it a true international experience.

In the past, Many Londoners, especially students, consisted the majority of those living in  flatshares. However, as the rents in London inflated, it is not uncommon today to see also younger professionals, at ages of 35 and over 40 looking for flat shares.

Flat share in London allows you to save a lot of money by sharing the utility costs and food bills, making flat sharing a popular choice for anyone looking to get a decent place to live in the popular locations in London.

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