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Flatmate finder London – rent your room safely

Flatmate finder London – find a flatmate online in a safe and easy way. 

2709248854_f7c3852b40_bThe very high rental costs in London have made flat sharing a popular solution for many people, in various ages and professions.

If in the past, flatsharing was considered an accommodation solution which is mainly aimed at students, these days it’s quite common to share a flat in London also by post graduate individuals, professionals and even retirees.

Other than lowering the high living costs, finding a flatmate in London is a great way to meet new friends, that you can create and share experiences with.

Important to remember when registering on an online flatmate finder

Obviously, when you need to find a flatmate, it’s important that there’s a good match between all parties. Since you will be living together and sharing a lot of your time together, checking your compatibility is very important,  so if you’re using an online flatmate finder in London, make sure you write a through description about yourself and about your expectations from your flatmate. Include your hobbies, what you like to do in your spare time, indicate if you’re a more social person or a private one, if you’re a student – where and what do you study? if your’e a professional – tell a bit about that, so other flatmates will be able to relate to your profile, and so the flatmate finder portal will be able to find the best matching flatmates in London for your described criteria.

When it comes to your expectations from your flatmate, it’s also important to describe your preferences, as some people might be too messy for you to handle, or have completely different live styles that can conflict with yours (for example, if you’re a student and you need a quiet place to study in the afternoons, it might not be the best accommodation if your flatmate has drums band practice at the same time).

So, where can I find an online Flatmate finder? 

Depending if you’re looking to rent a room in London for a long term (several months) or for shorter terms, there are several options that can help you find flatmates, those include:

Room to rent in London - Gumtree









Rooms and shares in London - Craiglist









Rooms to rent in London




















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