About Greenwich

About Greenwich

Greenwich river raceGreenwich is a historically rich district located in the Royal Borough of Greenwich on south east London. What’s notable about Greenwich is that it is located exactly at 0° Longitude, making it the Prime Meridian of the world, the point from which time zones across the world are measured from, and home to the term Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). It is also the home of the Royal Observatory and is the home for the navigation terms that are used as guides across the world. This is a place for those who are interested in branches of astrology, astronomy and maritime. Greenwich has many open spaces and historical attractions, making it a friendly and popular place in London to visit for both Londoners and tourists interested in science fields, which also enjoy from its lovely views, the market and its many restaurants and pubs.

History of Greenwich

This area of London was initially used as burial site during the Bronze Age; it got its name Greenwich by the early Viking settlers which lived here during the 11th century. Greenwich has a long tradition of naval history and has been an integral part of dividing the world into different time zones due to its Royal Observatory. This is a place that made its mark in the navigation and astronomy fields of science, making it a perfect place for students studying these research fields of science whom are interested to explore outside of their academic books.

Renting a flat in Greenwich London

Most of the properties for rent in Greenwich are flats properties, which are fairly expensive, with rental prices varying around 500gbp per week, and if you’re looking to buddy up and join a houseshare in Greenwich, then the avg. rental price for a house can get to around 1250gbp per week. For students in Greenwich, there are also smaller studio flats and student housing and accommodation halls (for example Scape Greenwich), which offer a premium student accommodation solution with all he facilities required to make the most from the university experience.

Living in Greenwich, London

Many families, commuters and families looking for the “suburb” type of living experience have made Greenwich their home.  Here you will not find too many travelers frequenting the pus, but you will run into students who are from the domestic front as well as international ones, as the Greenwich university is located just in the town’s centre.

Transportation in Greenwich

For international students living here, you can move around by the local buses that run across the area and to other parts of London. If you want to go by rail, then you can choose to board a train either from Maze Hill Station and Greenwich station and travel by DLR to the Docklands. Another option is to take a trip across the river with various boat services that run on regular intervals from the Greenwich Pier. You also have a lot of cycle routes. Located in zone 2, you can also catch the tube on Greenwich and Cutty Sark stations. If you’re looking to get to Greenwich from London at night, then since the trains stop around midnight, you’ll need to take the N1 night bus, which stops at New Oxford and Waterloo along its way.