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how to find a good flatshare in london

So, is there actually a best time during the year to find the best rooms for rent in London and the surrounding areas, or is this just a myth?  It seems that research has actually been done on just that topic and here are some interesting take home points we found.

The best time of the year for you to find a Flatshare in London would be in the month of November. While a lot of people assume that the summer months are the best, research shows that recent college graduates usually sign a one year lease at the beginning of June making the following year a very competitive market. It is also estimated that the rent prices increase during the summer months in upwards of 3-5%.

The best time of the month would be at the beginning or at the end of the month. As for the beginning of the month, roommates and flatmates may be walking out of their lease agreements, so they will be looking for someone to take up the space. For this reason there will be more flats and flatshares available for rent. On the other hand, if your search begins at the end of the month, you may be able to find some bargains as people are worried that they might go the entire month without having the space rented out.

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