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Jobs that you can find easily in London

Jobs that you can find easily in London


It is true that the words jobs and easily don’t always go together and tons of graduates and current students out there are stressing over getting the dream job or just a basic source of income to get by. We know what it means to need cash and a job and that’s why we have created BrokeinLondon. Our aim is to help all Londoners who live on a budget to find a job, a room and free or cheap entertainment as well as budget shopping and transportation. We have pulled in our expertise to compile under our jobsearch section a list of all the major job sites you should have in mind when looking for a job in the capital. Based on our personal experience being in your shoes, we have also come across the more or less easy to get jobs. There are quite few things you can do to get some money in until that dream job comes around; we are happy to share with you our 5 recommendations below.

1. Street fundraising

UK is a hub for charities, with approximately 180,000 registered organisations currently in the country; and many of them are based in London. All charities, whether big or small do have a need for people to raise fund on their behalf. Have you ever been stopped by any of these charming guys when you exited the tube ?.. well that could be you. Working as a street fundraiser for a charity gives you a chance to earn money while raising funds for a good cause. The daily rate is actually quite good (usually 9-12 quid an hour) and usually higher than other non-skilled based temping jobs. Some charities also pay on a commission base. To get a job as a street fundraiser you will need to either register with some charity focused job agencies such as flow caritas, or contact directly big organisations like the British Red Cross or Cancer research UK. If you enjoy chatting to random people and perceive yourself as charismatic and charming, then give it a shot.

2. Usher/Front House Assistant

Information desk staff in museums or corporates, stewards and ushers in theatres, and music halls are all potential options if you are looking for job in London without having any specific experience. Those organisations tent to hire on a semi-annual as well as ad hoc basis and require people who are good in customer care, flexible and willing to work evenings, weekends and essentially when everyone else is chilling. The upside is that the environment is cool especially if you are working in a cultural/art centre and you get to see some great performances! There are many options for you if you want to work as a front house assistant in London and the pay is decent within the range of 6.5- 9 pounds per hour. Map the venues you are interested in, forward them your CV and make it happen!

3. Waiter/Jobs in a cafe

And of course we could not fail to mention the job which all students and recent graduates consider when they want to gain some additional income. If you are the morning type and prefer to use your evenings for studying/job searching or enjoying London, you might want to consider a job at a café. You can either start by sharing your CV and checking out your local cafés or apply directly to the big café chains online. If you would rather work in a restaurant, you could directly go around and check which ones are looking for waiters, visit the major job boards/agencies, or directly refer to a catering job board. Pay rates could start from the national minimum £6.50 an hour, however do not underestimate the power of tips!! So make sure you carefully choose the place where the clients tip well.

4. Extras in movies- Be a movie start … or short off

Whether you want to make a career in the big screen or just make some cash, being an extra in a movie is a fun way to make some money, and a great conversation starter:’ when I was filming the latest Bond movie…’. On a serious note, becoming an extra in a movie is a way to get you some extra cash, it is fun and some people argue that it might be a good place to network with famous actors and directors and possibly kick-start your acting career…. Several agencies such as Universal Extras and CastingNow advertise such opportunities. Pay rates could be from 80-120 pounds per day!

5. Flier distribution

Companies, restaurant, event organizers, they all frequently want to advertise their work through fliers. So another option we are suggesting for you to get some ad hoc income is to registered with one of the temping agencies that recruit for such jobs or check the part time sections of job boards. You could also just ask around or simply stop one of the guys distributing flyers on the street and ask them to hook you up with the company they are working for. You could also have a look through a job board such as JobisJob.


It is tough out there and there is competition but you shall not fear! Good luck with your job search and if you need more career service assistance BrokeinLondon is here with more advice on the best UK job oriented websites offering career advice, CV and Cover letter tips and advice on how to improve your interview skills! Good luck!

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