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Money savings tricks when living on your own!

Once you are in an apartment, you’ll want to make sure you are able to make your rent and pay your utilities each month. To do this, you may have to scale back on a few things, or come up with some money saving ideas to get your costs in line. Here are some money saving tricks tricks and tips for cutting back that can put a little extra money toward expenses:

 1. Pass on the fast food.

Eating out can be a major expense; even if it just a quick bite a few week. Cutting out restaurant food can really tighten up the budget. Get out the pots and pans and start saving yourself some cash. What is more, by skipping on the fast food and buying your own ingredients you can start preparing yourself some delicious home cooked dinners that are much more healthy and you can also give a boost to your cooking skills.

2. Ride a bike.

Scaling back the use of a vehicle or skipping daily train fees will add up really fast. Plus, you’ll get some exercise. Riding your bicycle has countless benefits. These can range from personal, to economic, to social, to environmental and more. Cycling is a good form of exercise. It is also a simple, eco-friendly transportation option. Due to cycling’s many benefits, more people in the world own bicycles than cars. In addition, the number of people commuting to and from work on bicycles has increased significantly in last decade. So get out there and buy a second-hand bike!

3. Lower the thermostat.

If you are paying for heat, it can be costly. Lowering the thermostat on your gas hot water system to a more ideal temperature reduces your gas usage, as the water needs less heating. Using less hot water in the bathroom can dramatically reduce your gas bill. Simply have showers instead of baths, have shorter showers and fix any dripping taps immediately. You could also save a few hundred pounds per year just by choosing a low-flow shower head. It’s good for the environment too!

4. Skip the air conditioning.

This may not be practical if you are on the fifth floor in very hot country, but if you can use the breeze to stay cool, by all means open the windows. Though it might seem like a great relief on a really hot day to immerse yourself in air conditioning, unfortunately, you may be damaging your health. Artificially changing the temperature in your environment is confusing to your body. Our bodies behave evolved to synchronize to the temperatures of the season.

5. Go easy on indulgences

Instead of buying a latte at the coffee shop every morning, make your own. Switch those ugly habits and put the money that you would have spent (e.g. £5 ) in a jar every day. Within a month, you’ll see your savings grow!

6. Buy Used!

Stop buying full-price items, check out resale shops, garage sales and thrift stores and online marketplaces. You can really get some great deals. Try some local thrift stores, discount stores, vintage shops, Facebook Marketplace and even Ebay. You can find almost anything if you spend some time looking around.

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