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Moving to a flatshare – tips and info for Flatmates

If you’re starting to attend a university in the UK and decides that you’re Moving to a flatshare or a house share in London or in other cities across the UK, then make sure you get to know the basics of flatsharing first. Check the links below for tips & info regarding rooms rentals in London and get updates about the do’s and don’t before moving in to your shared accommodation.

1) why rent a room?

Sharing a flat or a room in London is not only a great way to save on costs and finding accommodation which is centrally located, but also a great way to meet new friends, improve your language skills, and get to know the city and share your experiences with other local or international students in the UK, while extending your social network.

2) Checklist for finding the right room.

Before signing your rental agreement or moving to a new flatshare or houseshare in London, take some time to follow on the basics of what to search for in your new neighborhood, flat, room or flatmates.

3) Paying the rental deposit.

There are certain government schemes in place which are intended to protect both the tenants and the landlord with regards to paying rent and deposit. Make sure you’re familiar with the regulations, especially for foreign students in London, in order to avoid and misunderstandings during the period of the tenancy.

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