About Shoreditch

About Shoreditch

Shoreditch brick laneWhen asked about Shoreditch, people will say it’s one of the more popular and fashionable areas in London, and one of the coolest areas in London to live in.  It is an inner city district, located in the Borough of Hackney, just north of the city of London, and relatively close to Charing Cross.  Although Shoreditch is basically part of the historic East End of London, it has become one of the more modern places to be in, mainly due to its popularity with high-tech companies which made Old Street their center during the dot-com bubble a couple of decades ago.

What will you find on Shoreditch

It is the home for of the Hackney University Technical College, which is the first technical collage of London. The High Street, Great Eastern street and part of Old Street create the “Shoreditch Triangle”, which is now an international center, extending across to brick lane and the City on Bishopsgate.  Over the past twenty years, there have been a lot of changes in this area, and many trendy and chic pubs, good restaurants that service Indian and Bangladesh delicacies have opened up. Another very prominent thing about Shoreditch are the many hidden bars, galleries and legendary nightlife scene with parties, galleries and a generally international ambiance.  There are also many international students living in Shoreditch due to its accessibility to the many universities in the area, and many of them can be found regularly studying in the coffee shops along the main streets.

Housing in Shoreditch

As a central part of London, accommodation in Shoreditch might get expensive, with converted lofts and studio flats that are many times overpriced due to their central location, with an avg. £500 per week rent prices.

There are a lot of Victorian elements in this area, the places here are mostly meant for those who love Theatre, Music and other such genres of Entertainment.  For those who are in the IT field, this area is heaven on Earth in London as it is the home for many technical companies that have made their base in  London. International students in London can also find private offering student accommodation in Shoreditch which provide all required facilities, and fully furnished dorms and shared rooms, all are located very close to City University,  London Met, Kaplan, UCL and the University of London.

People living in Shoreditch

Shoreditch definitely has a strong international community with no one group being specifically dominant. Apart of the veteran Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities, many nationals have made Shoreditch their home during the years, especially due to it’s proximity to the City where many of them found work as expats in London.

Transportation in Shoreditch

As Shoreditch is in the central part of London, it has excellent public transportation routes in Zone 1, with Old Street and Liverpool Street tube stations and many busses running across the area, making it extremely east to travel between Shoredtich and the City, Central, West, North and south London.