South Bank London

south bank londonSouth Bank London

South Bank London is considered to be a main commercial and entertainment hub in London, and known as an “entertainment district” since the middle ages. Today, it is a prime location for those looking to live along the river and for many tourists flocking to the area during their visit in London whom are looking to see attractions such as the Hayward Gallery and the Royal Festival Hall. This is a perfect place for those international students who are learning or getting into the Arts and Entertainment stream. This area has made its mark as the host for various kinds of art exhibitions, musical events and other such events for music, art and entertainment enthusiastic. You also have the Sea Life London Aquarium, the London n Dungeon and other such attractions that draws people to this beautiful area.

History of South Bank

In comparison to the northern side of the River Thames, the southern side of the river took its time to develop. Here you will get to see houses which are rich in the Victorian and Georgian culture, as well as more modernized flats, studio apartments and houses with a terrace. Famous for the various entertainment and arts venues in the area, it’s regular markets running on Friday through Saturday, and many dining and socializing places,  South Bank is becoming one of the coolest places to live in, for both locals moving to London and international students studying in the many universities in London.

Accommodations in South Bank

South Bank is considered to be a relatively moderated rent price area of London. An international student living here can get a variety of places on rent from fancy flats to even terrace shares houses. Places like Brixton, CrystalPalace, Clapham, Battersea, Forest Hill, and West Norwood are some of the most preferable places to live in by all. This is also one of the most preferred places by student who want to study in London and are on a budget.. Even though this is one of the major tourist’s attractions in London, the place is still the cheapest to live in. In Some parts of the area, you will also find properties that are semi-detached and terraces that are influenced by the Edwardian style.

People of South Bank

The people here are known to be of a mixed crowd, since this is a place that is loved by most youngsters, it has a blend of students both domestic and international living here along with professionals of various fields living in many parts of South Bank, enjpying from an environment which is full of activity and  endless things to do during the night and the day.

Transportation in South Bank

Public transportation routes in South Bank are quite good,  so it’s easy to get to and around, through the numerous public transport options, such as the railway terminals at Charing Cross, Waterloo, and Westminster etc. For those who want to easy access to both sides of the River Thames, you also have the Tharheslink Blackfriars station. Apart from that the normal buses also run around here. All stations in South Bank London are in zone 1 tariff.


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