About Southgate

About Southgate

Southgate is a suburban area of North London which can be found 8 miles north of Charing cross, just between the London Borough of Barnet and the London Borough of Enfield.

About Southgate

History of Southgate and current days

Being originally the South Gate of Enfield Chase, the King’s hunting grounds, Southgate became separate from Edmonton in the 19th century. It was further developed in the 1930s following an expansion that transformed the area.

Today, the area is considered a very diverse and cosmopolitan district, with many prominent ethnic groups living within in, most notably large Jewish, Greek, Turkish and Japaneses communities.

Why you should move to Southgate

Today this lovely and green suburban area is getting trendy due to its cheap accommodations, great commute to the centre on the Piccadilly, and good schools, which makes it ideal for families as well as young professionals looking for a bit more relaxing and leisure after a long day at the office, as it has many nice restaurants, delis and coffee shops.

Flats to rent in Southgate

Rent prices for 2 bed flats in Southgate are averaging around £360 per week, making it quite cheap if you’re looking for a flatshare or to sublet a room in the flat and save on the utilities bills.