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Sharing a house? see here how to easily split the bills

House share utility billsLooking for an easy way to split the bills of your house share?

In most flatshares there’s that moment when the flatmates or the landlord needs to sit and split the utility bills of the property. This is often becoming a source for dispute as some flatmates might not agree between themselves on the amount each one should pay. For this purpose exactly, of helping flatmates to split the bills of their house share easily and without a hustle, the Bill Hut’s platform was created.

What is Bill Hut and how it helps flatmates & landlords to split the bills of the houseshare?

Bill Hut is launching in September and will evolve the way in which bills are managed and shared in households.

Within minutes, households can synchronise all of their bill accounts into one platform that is powered by a simple financial management interface. Bill splitting, Reminders & Payments are taken care of in-app making Bill Hut Perfect for a wide variety of households including house shares.

Bill Hut automatically compares the market on behalf of it’s users and tracks these results so users can visually see their tariffs performance against the market and switch suppliers to lock in savings in the region of £250 each year!

To get users on-board early and test out the app, there are some great promotions launching this month such as free cinema and takeaway vouchers, so make sure you like Bill Hut’s Facebook Page to stay updated when these launch.

Alternatively you can register through www.billhut.com, just make sure you keep the unique referral link when you do and that you use this to tell anyone about Bill Hut.

For more info, checkout the Bill Hut blog or watch this intro video below:

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