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Ways of finding students jobs in the UK

Some useful tips for international students on how to find student jobs in the UK.

University Careers departmentBeing an international student, it might be a bit difficult when it comes to finding a student job which is perfect for you. A new country, new ways of living, new difficulties, and new opportunities. So many unfamiliar things to deal with that you’re probably asking yourself -‘where do I start?’ Well don’t worry! luckily, the StudentJob UK platform is here to help you get through this difficult time and supply all you international students with the top 5 tips for finding that perfect student job in the UK.


#1: Surfing the Web

As a student, one of your main skills is ought to be using the internet to your advantage, so let’s start with that when trying to land a job. At the moment there are lots of great websites out there, dedicated to helping students find their perfect student job. One of them is the StudentJob  dedicated platform, which is devoted to the employment needs of students and graduates,and facilitates direct contact with employments opportunities across all regions of the UK, which allows all students to explore multiple job types, even roles they may not have even considered.

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#2: Getting right to the source

With the expansion of social networking, these days students have many new sources to use for their benefit, and with social media getting SO BIG, it sometimes looks like everyone is connected somehow,  so why not use this source to your advantage? you can use sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to search for jobs. Connecting to people who even work there to get your foot in the door and follow on new vacancies advertised on Facebook, Twitter and all other major social platforms.

In case you have a more “old fashioned” approach, you can always use one of the UK’s best sources.. the newspaper! It allows you to see advertisements from your local area, which is very helpful during your studying period, as you might not have much time or money to spend on getting to work and back. Plus, it gives you a way to get to know the local area you live in.

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#3: Going back to Basics 

A new place, means new opportunities, so grab this brilliant advantage and get yourselves out there! Making yourself noticeable and valuable these days can make a huge difference in getting the job and not. Companies today are looking for creative, proactive people who can bring something different to the table, therefore being an international student can be a big advantage for you. Take it upon yourself to discover all different opportunities face to face, finding hidden gems that you may not have discovered online. An added advantage to this is the companies can see who you are and really get to know you in person. Therefore getting your foot in the door. However… make sure you have a great up-to-date CV showing off all your experiences and knowledge and a big friendly smile. With these you will be fully prepared for everything.

#4: Working a room

As an international student you have access to indirect contact to many fellow students, roommates, acquaintances and peers which come from many different places, and these people may even know the area a little better than you or have leads and information which you don’t have about a cool new job opening, so use these sources! Networking is extremely important and useful when used for your advantage while trying to find something out. Other than this, make sure to ask in the Careers department at your university, as the Careers department may have job placement partnerships with local businesses. These contacts may have an available perfect student job for you, and all you need to do is ask.

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#5: be Prepared!

Remember that as an international student, you must be aware of all the important regulations and related legal aspects and preparations before you start looking for a student job in the UK, mainly:

  • Relevant Documentation
  • Opening up a bank account
  • International phone call plans
  • Travel
  • Accommodation

For assistance with that and with finding part-time student jobs, just head over to Studentjob.co.uk – and if you have any questions or queries, just drop an email to: info@studentjob.co.uk.



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