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Top 5 sites for Student Discounts in the UK

Top 5 sites for Student discounts in the UK

students discounts UKWe collected the 5 best websites for student discounts in the UK to help you plan your budget wisely and save money whenever possible (or for just giving yourself a good excuse to spoil yourself with some shopping after a hard week of studying in the University). So, if you’re looking to get in shape and looking for a pair of running of shoes, buy a new backpack for your books or in need of a short getaway from the city, then check out these websites offering cool discounts for local and international students in London and across the UK:

1. StudentUniverse: Cheap student flights, hotels, groups

Operating online since 2000, StudentUniverse is a travel company that provides all kinds of discounts, offers, special rewards and specific experiences for students, official university faculty and youth. Millions of students use their for booking cheap flights and travel packages online.

2 Student Discount | UNiDAYS®

UniDays offer high value discounts on various products and services, from restaurants to fashion. UnidDays service is fully online, so you don’t need  to keep a card or collect any coupons, which makes their services easy to use, as  All you need to do is to just verify your student status in order to be entitled to great savings.

3. Student Discounts – Save the Student! 

Save the Student! was founded in 2007 and it is now the leading website for student financing. It provides free advice for students on how to save money, finance their studies, discover ways to make money, find offers for student jobs in London, and help students in the UK shop smarter with special students discounts for various businesses, and more. So if your’e studying in London and looking for some guidance on how to plan your monthly budget, checking out this website for some tips & assistance will definitely be be a good place to start.

4.  Student Discounts – Student Glitch

Student Glitch is pretty new in the market, but it’s rapidly gaining popularity as if offers special deals and discounts for students, as well as offer freebies. They aimed to help you saving money by finding you the best deals and freebies around.

5. Student discounts – Student Beans

Student Beans offer more than 10,000 discounts exclusively available for students in the UK, from flights to clothing, with trending daily offers and an active social hub offering high value discounts on a daily basis with their Free student card.


We hope you find these websites useful, we know we did… and if you want to recommend additional platforms offering discounts or useful tools for students in the UK, then feel free to comment and share your thoughts and ideas!

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