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Studnets traveling in Europe with Stoke Travel

Why travelling is so important:

As Twin Peak’s Agent Dale Cooper once said, “once a traveler leaves his home he loses 100% of his ability to control his environment”. With the release of control comes the necessity to adapt. Adaptation, as any science nerd will tell you and any catholic will refute with great gusto, is the key to survival in evolution. Only the strong are those who are able to make themselves alive and well in any environment. It is only the strong that will survive. Any backpacker will echo Cooper’s sentiment. Just ask them about the kind of hustle they’ve had to put up with on the road. Out will blurt tales of drunken Scottish hostel owners turning over customer beds, job promises that revealed themselves to be largely false, and days on end spent communicating through hand gestures with locals in countries they had long forgotten the name of.

Mountain Yoga glass for studentesThese challenges, while sometimes leaving the traveler a little exhausted, are the same obstacles that allow them to flourish. Maybe not with certain commitments, like “careers”, or “relationships”, but as human beings. Human beings who leave judgement and prejudice at the door and live life a little less stressful. Travelling teaches you to shrug your shoulders and keep on skipping.

Student travel agency in EuropeBut why is it important? How is traveling actually helping one accomplish anything? I mean, sure, you’re going place to place to place, but what are travellers actually doing? They seem to always be drinking far too much, especially on weeknights, and prance about visiting monuments, laying on beaches and skiing down mountain slopes while their bank account dwindles.

Contrary to popular western belief, all of this time-wasting is a great exercise in gaining perspective. It’s a school where the only thing you graduate with is a closer sense of what’s really important and what’s really worth living for. As they journey through life, a travelled person will always be able to carry a broader sense of themselves. An image, a perspective, a way of thinking – call it what you want – that only comes from seeing something or somewhere new for the first time. That energy that spreads across your shoulders and forces your face into a smile. Your senses engage and you feel alive. You made it. You are it. It is all but the same. Want to add the beauty of independent travel to your life.

Student pool parties in EuropeTake a look at our friends at Stoke Travel, they’ll get you to Europe’s best festivals, surf camps, and greatest trips. They’ll look after you, but they’ll let you do it your way (which is always the best way). Book at trip with the promo code ROOMMATESUK and score freebies like unlimited beer and sangria!

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