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Tips for finding a flat in london

So you are looking for rooms to let in London or you need some tips about finding a flat in London and you have no idea where to start? A lot of people feel the same way, which is why we feel that it’s important for you to take the time to consider a few things before making such a major decision in your life. With the economy the way it is, people are looking for flats in London that are affordable, close to the city life, easily accessible to public transportations and have enough square footage that they can live comfortably without feeling like their space is cramping their lifestyle. Flats are always a great solution for those who are looking for an alternative instead of jumping into a lifelong mortgage by buying a home.

  1. Check out the neighbourhood you’re in when considering finding flatshares in London.  While the apartment itself is perfect, if it is located in an undesirable location, this could cost the quality to decrease.
  2. Don’t compromise on things that are important to you. Remember that while finding the ideal flat is not going to be easy, don’t settle for just anything. For example, if you have or want a pet, search for a flat that is pet friendly.
  3. Save money where you can. Search for a flat that would offer little or no broker’s fees or finders’ fees. Also look for flats that are move in ready without the need to spend a lot of money fixing up little things here and there as these costs could add up quickly.
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