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Tips for exapts & International Students in London

10 Tips for international students on how to find a room to rent in London

couple in front of London viewLondon is world renowned for its top-notch institutions of higher education learning and for the diversity of expats and international students from all over the globe pursuing their careers within its borders.  After securing admission to a college or university in the UK, the next step is to find suitable accommodation in London which will be safe, in good standards, easily accessible to the required public transportation ways, and of course – in a reasonable budget.  Due to the quite high costs of living in the capital, many students (international and local) moving to the city prefer to find a room to rent in London rather than renting an entire flat by themselves.  The problem is that due to lack of familiarity with  the surroundings, a lot of international students find it difficult securing the right accommodation as they have no idea on what they need to look for in their search for a suitable student housing, so we put together these 10 important tips for international students in London looking to find a flat share in London and want to narrow down to the most suitable student accommodation for their requirements.

Remember that decisions made should be based on preferences and the budget you are willing to spend. London has several options for students and expats in London,which means that there’s a variety of accommodation options to choose from, however – there are also many people constantly looking for renting a flat or a room in London, so the “competition” is very strong in the rental market, and you need to be ready to make a quick decision if you find a place to rent in London which is suitable for your needs.

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  • Location: This is very important for every student. London is a large city, so it makes sense for students to find their accommodation in places around their campus. Doing this is vital because it not only minimises commuting costs but reduces the time spent on travelling. Central London is known for a lot of congestion and its best not to find a room in London city centre unless your place of study is nearby. The place you decide to choose should be easily accessible and have excellent public transport links in order to make in time for classes.


  • Research: It is normal for new students to have concerns when moving to a city they are not familiar with. Before choosing your preferred flat share in London, try to learn as much as possible about the new neighbourhood and get familiar with the local amenities that are found in the area you are interested in. London has plenty of restaurants, bars, libraries, leisure facilities, cafes among other exclusive facilities. Staying in a neighbourhood with plenty of amenities is a good opportunity to enjoy life as an international student in London. Your student experience is based on the time you spend both inside and outside campus.


  • Get info from senior students in London: Each neighbourhood has its own unique qualities, which sometime takes time to discover, so visitors might be unable to make the best decisions after making just a short visit or reading about the area over the internet. The best thing for newly arriving students in London is to try get accurate information from people who have a thorough understanding of London neighborhoods, preferably from students on their 2nd year or above of studying as they are more familiar with both the surroundings and its compatibility with the student life on campus. Another option is to asks experts from the real estate agencies working in the area who have in depth understanding of the area and can assist you to find a room in London for rent, though in most cases that will involve an additional commission for their services.


  • Have a common spare room for guests: A lot of students get excited when they move out of their parent’s house and look forward to having freedom. Studying abroad is definitely a great experience, but can also get lonely at times. When considering flat shares in London, it’s not a bad idea to have a spare room where your visitors and other flatmates visitor’s can stay. Besides, London has so much to offer and see and, therefore, you are guaranteed that your visiting family members and friends will have an incredible time.


  • It is not easy to move to another country for studying or work, and a lot of international students and expats in London find themselves in an unfamiliar environment, surrounded by new people and culture. For some international students, especially from non-English speaking countries, language barrier might be a major problem. However, Moving to London, even for a semester, holds a great opportunity to improve one’s English language skills, so when you’re searching to find a room in London, try find one in a house share in which the flatmate don’t speak the same langue, that way you can all practice and improve your English skills on daily basis of communication.


  • Prepare a clear list of your requirements and needs: We are all different, and everyone has their own preferences when it comes to shared accommodation. While some students have no problem with big international house shares in London, which has many house mates and usually a more “noisy” atmosphere, while others prefer to find a room to let in London which is in a smaller flat share, with a smaller number of flatmates, so that way they have more privacy and can more easily relax after a long day of studying in their university or college.


  • For those who choose to have their own flats rather than rent a room in a one of the house shares in London, it is important to understand the steps and procedures involved when signing the rental agreement for the apartment. The advantage of being in your own place is that you can have the peace and quiet you need for your studies. Furthermore, issues such as utility payments are handled properly because you know you’re in charge of your own bills.


  • What type of housing are you looking for? has different types of accommodation characterised by varied architectural designs and features. Expats in London can choose from traditional homes, open plan kitchens, and loft style living among many others.


  • It’s always a wise idea to choose a room to let in London that allows you flexibility. Remember that many factors may bring about changes in your schedule and, therefore, you need to be fully prepared and live a flexible lifestyle. For instance, campuses may change location, transport arrangements, or schedules could also change or some of your roommates might decide to ditch the house shareand find private accommodation, which then might force you to pay higher bills till you find a new roommate or flatmate for your houseshare or flatshare, so if possible – try have a rental agreement which is dynamic as possible so you’ll be better equipped to handle unforeseen changes in your tenancy agreement status.


  • Security is an important aspect when trying to find a room in London. It is vital for international students to make sure that the place they choose to reside has adequate security measures and proper insurance policy, covering both the apartment’s content and their own valuable personal belongings.
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