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Transportation in London

London has one of the largest urban transportation networks in the world combining bus, river, rails and road systems spanning across the city’s 32 boroughs.

public transport in London

Taking the tube in London

One of the first things you need to do when moving to London for is to learn how to get around. After you’ve found a room to rent in London, it’s time to learn your surroundings and see how to quickly and easily get around the city without spending a ton of money. Here are the things you need to know about transportation in London:

Taking the tube in London

Popularly known as the tube, the London Underground is a subway system that transports over 1 billion people around the city every single year. Pricing changes depending on the zone you will be traveling through, but pay-as-you go Oyster Cards can be purchased if you don’t plan on taking the tube too often. If you are moving to London for work and make your way to the business district every day, a travel card may be the better option.


There are nearly 20,000 different bus stops for the iconic red buses throughout the city of London. If you want to very cheaply, taking a bus is one of the best options. Traffic can get heavy during peak hours and travelling by bus takes a bit longer than the tube, but the stops are more precise and it will be easier on your wallet.

You can purchase bus passes or use an Oyster card. One major advantage to the bus is that you can travel by bus at night. There are no 24 hours tube routes, so if you study in London and have late classes, the bus may be your best option.


Because many people don’t know how to get around, after moving to London they decide to flag down a cab to get where they are going. Only black cabs are allowed to pick up flagging passengers and because of this exclusive feature, they can be very expensive. If you are making a single trip and don’t have time to wait for a bus or take the tube, cabs can work in a pinch.

A better option for taking a cab can be to book a minicab in advance; while minicabs can’t pick up flagging passengers, they can be hired via booking.

Walking and Biking

Because London is a large metropolitan area, walking is always an option that will save you a lot of money. If you find a room in London with a flatmate, getting to know routes you can walk quickly and safely is fairly easy.

If you prefer to travel solo but don’t feel like walking, Boris Bikes are available to rent. It only costs one pound and you can rent a bike for an hour and return it to any docking station. This can be a fun, healthy, quick, environment friendly and inexpensive way to travel around the city.


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