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King’s College is the third oldest university in England, founded in 1836 and renowned as one of the UK’s most prestigious universities. It is organised into 9 schools and it is one of the largest centres for graduate and post-graduate medical teaching and biomedical research in Europe.


Rankings and awards:

  • in the 2010 Academic Ranking of World Universities, King’s College was ranked 16th in Europe and 63rd in the World.
  • It is ranked 21st in the world and 6th in Europe according to the 2010 QS World University Rankings.
  • In September 2010, The Sunday Times selected King’s as its “University of the Year, and at that time, there were ten Nobel Prize laureates amongst its alumni and current and former faculty.

After The Oxford University and The Cambridge University, the oldest university is the King’s college. It had been founded in 1836 and has risen to be one of the most prestigious colleges in London. It is one of the largest centres for graduate and postgraduate. This is specially so for students pursuing medical teaching and biomedical research. The college has been organized into nine schools for the purpose of education and one can find many international students in King’s college London.

The amazing achievements of the college can be estimated by the high rankings it had received in the past. To name some: in 2010, King’s college had been ranked 16th in the whole of Europe among the several colleges of Europe. It has also been ranked 63rd among all the universities in the world. This news had been stated in the academic rankings of the world. In the 2010, QS World University Rankings, it had been ranked 6th among all the colleges in Europe and 21st among all the colleges in the world, which is saying something. Then again, in September 2010, King’s college had been selected as the “University of the Year” by Sunday Times during which time it also had ten Nobel Prize Laureates divided among the former faculty members as well as the ten present faculty members, the alumni.

International students in King’s college:

King’s College London welcomes applications from all countries. The college has a distinguished reputation in the humanities, law, the sciences (including a wide range of health areas such as psychiatry, medicine, nursing and dentistry) and social sciences including international affairs.

King’s college is a highly reputed college and it is due to that reason that it becomes the go-to college for most students all over the world. Being the 3rd most respected universities of London also has its effects on attractive students all over the world. It also has the added facility of having the most happening and efficient faculty which is very much appreciated by students, especially the ones pursuing medical teaching or biomedical research. Also, the college has earned a reputation of having a highly efficient faculty for law, humanities and a wide range of studies on science including medicine, nursing, dentistry as well as psychiatry. It also has a high ranking faculty for social science which include international affairs as well. Thus, with the vast opportunities of education it provides, it becomes the aim of most international students.


Accommodations for international students in King’s college:

Arriving to a completely strange place happens to be a bit intimidating for everybody, especially in a place like London, where one can easily be at a loss of where to go and what to do owing to the size and the population of the place. Even though the colleges have living facilities, some international students in London prefer to have a houseshare outside of the college for several reasons, such as budgetary calculations and meeting new friends. However, finding a room to rent in London at an affordable price might not be as easy as it sounds, since when the right house share is found, it usually goes over the budget of the student and not always the room will be suitably furnished for a student. There are also private student halls in London offer accommodation and all facilities for studying abroad, however that might be a bit expensive. If you’re really looking to share costs, you can always share a room with another student in a shared flat, which in most cases makes it easier for paying rent and splitting the utility bills.

Since King’s College London is a very popular study abroad destination for international students, there are many students looking for housing around the university area, so accommodating them becomes quite a considerable task for the college’s management, which does a great job in taking care and providing for each international student with the best facilities. They are well aware of the budget cuts of the students, thus helping them get accommodated in rooms with the most affordable rent and suitable conditions to allow an interruption free environment for the students to be able to study their fill. Education is placed in the highest position and thus efforts are made to see to it that the student is well provided with suitable conditions for studies.

The college also encourages international relationships as a result one may find them fraternizing with different students from other countries. Accommodations with the different students are also encouraged helping find deeper bonds of friendship among student from different countries. This can work in two ways: one, where living with a roommate saves money for both students under the subject and two, where international relations are strengthened although in a subtle manner.