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Regent's University LondonRegent’s University London

For international students looking to pursue their educational higher studies abroad and want their academic credentials to stand apart from the crowd, Regent’s University London would definitely be worth considering. Regent’s University London is a private institution and one of only two non-profit universities in the United Kingdom. Regent’s University London is located in central London in historic Regent’s Park and is surrounded by serene grounds that make for an ideal studying environment.

The student to teacher ratio is excellent, there are about 3400 full time graduate and undergraduate students and an academy stuff of roughly 260, which allows for a great student to teacher ratio in small class sizes and frequent, up to 20 hours per week, contact with instructors. As a non-profit, the student can rest assured that the university’s main interest isn’t on a bottom line. This is reflected in the university’s vast offering of student services, including ready access to academic tutors, should the need arise.

Regent’s University London schools of Business, Arts and Sciences are world renown for the quality of their education. Graduates from the university have prestigious and high ranking positions all over the world. This is partly attributed to the focus that Regent’s University London places on employability of its students following graduation.

With over 40 undergraduate courses and 37 postgraduate degrees, Regent’s University London offers a wide variety of specialties for international students. The university is one of the most culturally diverse educational facilities in the world, with students from over 140 countries around the world attending the university’s classes. International students in Regent’s University make about 75% of the student population, while the remaining 25% of students are from the United Kingdom and the United States (15% and 10%, respectively).

Regent’s University London was founded in 1984 and is a charter member of the Independent Universities Group. Since 2012, the university has had the authority to grant its own degrees, further enhancing the university’s prestige.

As an international student in London studying at Regent’s University, your exposure to a wide variety of cultures will only be limited by your desire, as in addition to the university’s diversity, London is certainly one of the most diverse and historically significant cities in the entire world, with over 300 languages spoken in the city, Londoners describe it as a world within a city.

England’s rich and sometimes controversial history is on full display all around London and just a few meters from the campus and is an education unto itself.

The Regent’s University London offers a prestigious education in a beautiful setting in one of the foremost cities on the planet. Anyone considering studying in the UK would be well advised to seriously consider to take an undergraduate or graduate degree from Regent’s University London.

Regents offers a wide range of courses in Business and Management & the Arts and Humanities, including American and British degree programmes. It is the largest s school of private higher education in the UK.

The college has two faculties accommodating 7 specialist schools:

  • European Business School London
  • Regent’s Business School London
  • Regent’s American College London
  • Webster Graduate School London
  • London School of Film, Media & Performance
  • School of Psychotherapy & Counselling Psychology
  • Internexus English Language School.

International students in Regents College:

  • The college is one of the most internationally diverse schools in the UK with students arriving from over 130 countries and with over 130 spoken languages on campus.
  • Regent’s has established links with companies worldwide, assisting students to gain work experience and find internships.