Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance

Rose Bruford College of Theatre & PerformanceRose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance

The Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance is a leading British Drama college providing BA and MA degrees and university level training in the fields of theatre and performance.

Rose Bruford College of Theatre & Performance was the first college of its kind in the UK to be awarded the new Drama UK accreditation, and in 2014 it got the highest scores in satisfaction level of students than any other drama school in the UK.

Rose Bruford College is the premiere college for any student looking to major in theater for a degree. It is located in the town of Sidcup, outside of London and has well established ties with international drama schools in Europe and North America and a high number of international students.

The Rose Bruford college was founded in 1950 by Rose Elizabeth Bruford. Miss Bruford was born in 1904. She had an older brother with whom she was always putting on plays and performances. Her parents were quite worried about her. It was not thought to be ladylike for a woman to have a future working, especially not in the theater. For many years, Rose tried to keep her promise to her parents. It didn’t last long. She said she was born to be on stage and desired this lifestyle.

Although women were gaining much after World War 1, it was still looked down upon for women to work. If you were of the upper classes, as Rose Bruford was, you were to marry. Miss Bruford did not wish to marry just to save her families wealth or status. She tried going to college, but there were few schools that accepted women. She had also grown tired of tea parties and debutante balls. Miss Busford went to theater productions as often as she could. She loved the idea of being on stage.

When Miss Busford began acting, she traveled with theater troupes all around England. She began to see how much a life could be enhanced by the theater. She became close friends with many of the early film and stage actors of our time. By the time she tried to quit, she was hooked.

The problem was getting women an education in the theater world. If you had a bit of money, you could rely on that. This was Rose’s plan. Most girls did not have family money. Rose would put her own money up to put on productions. Soon people began to recognize her name and what she offered. Her talent and love of theater stood out. As her own troop was growing she knew she had to get funding.

Rose Bruford began acting with Laurence Oliver. By the time they had gotten a bit older, Mr. Oliver was also staring in movies all around the world. He and Rose had the idea to start this school. With help from other acting friends, The Rose Bruford International Drama and Theater School opened in 1950. It sits on an historic estate which provided classrooms and dormitories. This year in 2015, a new dorm area is to be opened. For the international student studying in London, there is not a finer place to learn.

Established in 1950, the college is one of the largest institutes of vocational degrees in theatre & related arts in Western Europe. It offers university-level and professional training in theatre and performance arts as well as BA and MA degrees.

International students in Rose Bruford College:

  • Graduates of the school show good record of gaining top positions in theatres, film and TV companies as well as successfully practice as freelancers in the fields of production.
  • As London’s international drama school, the university has strong links throughout the world.