St George’s University of London SGUL

St George's University of London SGULSt George’s University of London SGUL

St. George’s Medical School in London offers a variety of courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students looking to study medicine and biomedical science. An international student in London studying in St George’s University of London SGUL has the opportunity to learn a lot as well as have the ability to choose from many available study programs.

The school is known for their research program and they have an alliance in place to tackle the topic of global health challenges

Some of the courses that are offered include biomedical science, breast imaging, healthcare practice, medicine, midwifery, paramedic science, and radiography. This allows students to choose from a wide array of programs in order to seek the medical track they desire.

St. George’s Medical School of London has a history that dates back more than 250 years. Some of the alumni have become founding fathers of medicine. It all started with St. George’s Hospital opening up in 1733. The hospital was instrumental in helping with war casualties of World War II and in 1973, the new site was built in Tooting London.

Today, the medical school offers a significant amount of research and there are undergraduate and postgraduate degrees available for an array of studies. Students from all over the world come to study and international students have various programs of their own that they can choose from. The school has more participation than ever before and that’s because of the research that has been done to work on some of the biggest challenges within the world of healthcare.

International students studying in London are able to receive help with their application, obtain support and advice, and even receive assistance with fees and funding.

The University courses are delivered overseas as well. St. George’s University of London has partnered with one of Cyprus’ largest private universities, the University of Nicosia. This allows students to receive medical training without traveling to London.

Those who wish to move to London have access to not only the university but also to some of the most eclectic activities. London is one of the most impressive cities in the world, with a lot of history. When students are not studying medicine, they are able to visit Shakespeare’s Theater, walk down the paths around the River Thames, and enjoy the social aspects of London at every turn.

Study facilities at St. George’s University are top notch and much of this is because of the number of grants the school receives. Laboratories and clinical experience is possible right on campus and there are also dissection facilities along with a simulation center. Many students who graduate with an undergraduate degree are able to earn at least £27,000 a year within the first six months of completing their programs, making St. George’s University London a popular study abroad destination for international students.

A constituent college of the University of London and a medical school with origins in 1733, St. George’s university is the UK’s only independent medical and healthcare higher education institution, one of the largest medical schools in the UK andranked 2nd in the UK for the impact of its published research.

International students in St George’s:

  • Students in the university arrive from over 90 different countries.
  • The school offers more than 35 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at Diploma, Bachelor and Master levels.