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Dutch, English
Yoga, meditation, Partying and clubbing, Bars, Movies, Travelling, Cooking, Computers and internet
I’m looking for a room and/or flatmates.

I'm into freedom and growth.

Quick keywords:
* fun
* social
* party (not interested in people who use a lot of drugs and/or alcohol on a regular basis)
* spiritual
* open-minded
* adventurous
* nature
* spiritual
* growth
* freedom
* self development

I’m looking for a shared apartment near Holloway. I'm looking for a double room in the range of 800-1200 pounds including utilities/bills.

I prefer:
* living near/in nature (or a park)
* furnished room
* access to a washing machine
* high quality broadband internet
* double room with En suite.

With all my moves through communities (Ubuntu, RSD, Bentinho Massaro) and countries I've come to know incredible people across the planet.

In the last year I have:
* Volunteered at a Ray Maor retreat (prana initiation) including a 5 day dryfast
* Volunteered at a biodynamics farm with a Kogi spirit house.
* Done Ayahuasca in the Amazon
* Visited a Law of Time event in Palenque (Tzolkin)
* Was celibate for about 6 months.
* Met my architect (for the Unity Village vision) in Colombia. He has worked with the Kogi.
* Met people who can help me with land options (for the Unity Village).
* I visited a land option for the training grounds for the Unity Village vision.
* Done a 5 day + 20 hours dryfast in Sedona (almost 6 days)
* I travelled in Ecuador, Colombia and Mexico
* I visited ancient ruins in Calakmul, Palenque, Queretarro and Teotihuacan
* I met a lot of good people some of who might end up living in the Unity Village.
* I have done a lot of research for the Unity Village Vision
* I lived intentionally in the nature around Sedona with a tent for almost 3 months (desert climate).
* Been going through inner work (similar to my death/rebirth experience when I went to Myanmar and lost my apartment, girlfriend and job and created a new life afterwards)

For a year I relied on social skills, intuition and a high vibration to go where I must go and always be supported. No traditional sources of income. It worked but it's time to get myself a legal business registration and a new home base.

My current best estimate for moving forward is to start a business registration in the beginning of January so I have a legal structure for my projects. For my business I want to focus on the intersection between software freedom+open technology and spiritual freedom (spirituality, self development, personal freedom, self realization, etcetera). For the unity village in Latin America I want to realize both high open technology goals and high spiritual goals.

I’m available to live in London from January 13th (best estimate). I will have London as a home base for a while. I will need a suitable open source job that allows me to travel and move towards my visions. A job which allows me to bring open source Artificial Intelligence to developers and communities for the benefit of humanity. In such a way I have a bit more stability in my life which I crave while I can keep moving forward. I will also visit Costa Rica this year.

Regarding flatmates I see two scenarios that would work for me:
1) We share an apartment with like-minded growth oriented people where we can host growth oriented events such as a weekly mastermind group, a weekly meditation group and occasional events that are a little bit more noisy such as a party or improv comedy evening.
2) I share an apartment with one or multiple females. I don't make rules or labels on connections with females. I do love communication and deep connections. But it could look like friendship or open relationships (or somewhere in between). I'm only interested in women who are interested in growing together for the duration of our exploration. For scenario 2 I’m not interested in living with women who are monogamous as a strict rule.

Here's the text I use on my dating profiles:
On a mission to create a Unity Village in Latin America. Open to strong connections, fun and explorations with open minded women/girls. I'm into freedom, spirituality, self development, free software and growth. I love living in nature. Will drive a motorbike across Latin America.

Some general stuff my flatmates might want to know:
* I like eating dinner together. I prefer trying all kinds of (local) food I haven't eaten before.
* If I'm not socially eating something new I'm happy to eat mostly fruits and certain fluids such as juices, broth, herbal teas, snake juice and maybe oatmeal. Sometimes I will be water fasting or dry fasting.
* If I eat meat I prefer to do it on a social occasion where I'm eating something new. Ideally organic high quality grass fed meat that has had a great life. But joy and gratitude work as well. If my flatmates are vegetarian or vegan I'm happy to go without meat during social eating at home.
* I will dry fast on mondays. I prefer not to be enticed with social food gatherings on those days.
* Regarding music I like silence and spiritual music like Nahko and Fia. For an occasional party I'm flexible with music choices (I have some nostalgia for alternative and metal).
* I like movies. I don't like horror movies. I especially like comedy, romantic, science fiction and super hero movies. I also like some arthouse movies such as garden state and sideways.
* I like Cosmic Disclosure, Joe Rogan, Vikings, 4400, Shield, Naruto and Boruto.

I'm not interested in people who
* use a lot of alcohol and/or drugs on a regular basis.
* make a lot of noise (including loud music) except for vocal sounds of enjoyment

North London
800 - 1.200 £ per week
2020 - January - 13
Med. term: 4-12 months
Holloway Road
Zone 1 (most central), Zone 2
Double/Twin, En-suite

Nov 12 - Dec 22

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