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  • Interactive, user friendly platform allows you to promote your listings with countless international students and expatriates looking for accommodation in London.
  • Advanced, yet easy to use, agency control panel with statistics, inter messaging, quick ad creating system and detailed follow up systems for property management companies and realty agents. Free and paid features allowing you to automatically promote your ads in different ways and to different types of tenants.
  • Easily Promote your agency's brand with the international foreign tenants market in London!

Take control over marketing your vacant properties!

  • Promote your available properties on the most advanced, easy to use real-estate portal on the web.
  • Using our unique SMART agent platform, your listings will be automatically matched with site users looking for accommodation in London, sending them direct notifications about your listings!
  • Interactive, easy to use and effective platform which allows you to promote your flats to let in London with countless international students and expatriates looking for apartment rentals in the UK.
  • Screen your tenants by viewing their profiles or chatting with them online! view detailed statistics, an easy to use private control panel with inter messaging, quick ad creating system and various promotional tools allowing you to dynamically control and increase the exposure of your listings to the maximum!
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Find a flat in London in the easiest way!

  • Browse through detailed flats profiles, compare between the flats which interests you the most, add to your favorites list and contact the owners online!
  • Use the SMART agent to give you an advantage in the search! create your SMART ad with your criteria, and the SMART agent will let you know by email or sms whenever a new match to your search is made!
  • Interactive, user friendly and dynamic interface which is the most advanced yet easy to use on the web!
  • Our advanced search tools will help you find exactly what you are looking for! you can search for flats close to universities, to a tube line or even close to a fitness center! compare several flats together, add to your favorites list, contact the owners online, and much more!
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  • Browse through detailed profiles of roommates, Compare the flatmates which interests you the most, add to your Favorites list and Chat online with your best matches!
  • Use the SMART agent to find flatmates studying in the same universities as you, sharing the same hobbies and spoken languages. Get automated notifications whenever a new match for your roommates search is made!
  • Interactive, user friendly and dynamic interface which is the most advanced yet easy to use on the web!
  • Register and be part of our international students experience! enjoy Huge student parties, special events and discounted prices for trips and student tours to exciting locations and capitals in Europe!
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Find flats in London in a click of a button!

RoomMatesUK.com is the advanced, dynamic and user friendly real estate portal in London. Easily find a flat which is a perfect match for your search with RoomMatesUK dynamic features! you can compare between detailed profiles of flats, create favorites list, instantly contact the home owners and even chat with other home seekers, home owners, and flatmates online!

Why is RoomMatesUK.com better than other sites?

RoomMatesUK.com is not a standard website, it is a whole new experience in the real-estate market. Combining the most advanced set of tools with a direct network for home owners and tenants, RoomMatesUK.com offers you the easiest and most effective way to find the exact match for your search! It's user friendly, easy to use interface and unique search tools, makes searching for a flat in London on RoomMatesUK.com a fun, interactive and effective search experience!

Which tools will I find to help me find a flat in London?

RoomMatesUK.com offers an easy and fast way to find a flat in London which is just like you are looking for. The interactive search tools will help you to clearly compare between suitable flats and view full detailed flat's profiles, create favorites list for you your best matches and contact the owners online. You can have our unique SMART agent work 24/7 for you, updating you whenever a new match for your search is made! you can use the free text search to search for your preferred criteria - for example "flats close to a fitness center" or "close to zone 1 in london", you can save your search history, view fully detailed profiles of other members on the site, chat with them online, and MUCH MORE!

Are there any costs?

It is completely FREE to register, post an ad, contact any other members or chat with them online as well as to use almost all of the site's most advanced tools! The only services which has any costs are highlighting your ads or activating the Smart agent. You can even get FREE BONUS credits to highlight your ad by sharing ads of RoomMatesUK.com on Facebook. just follow the "Share" button.

Safety tips

RoomMatesUK.com includes listings from property management companies, letting agencies and private landlords in the UK. It provides a wide selection of available flats and rooms in London, suitable for all budgets and for all rental periods. However, as with any form of online portal, people might use the anonymity of the internet for their own purposes which might be scamming or spamming. As such, it is always important to be careful when looking for accommodation.

Our team is constantly working on picking up and blocking any attempts for scamming on the site (we do it both manually and automatically), however, and unfortunately, there is no way to block these attempts completely, so we always suggest our members to be cautious (And notify us) when encountering suspicious ads or messages. usually, the most popular scams will be in one of these formats:

1) An ad/profile of a property (room or flat) which "looks too good to be true". (for example, a very cheap flat in a prime location with pictures showing higher than standard interior).

2) The publisher is not available to show the room/flat and asks you to:
• send a down payment to secure the property
• send to your friend/acquaintance an amount by Western-union and then send him a scan copy of the transfer
• sign a contract and pay an amount in advance.

3) ANY Requests to use money transfer services like Western Union or MoneyGram

4) You receive messages where the English text appears different in quality than the text appearing in the ad.

General recommendations for protecting your privacy and avoid unsafe money transfers:

1) RoomMatesUK.com offers both an online Chat platform and internal messaging system. It will be best to protect your privacy by using those methods to communicate with the other members and avoid sending them your email address, facebook profiles, or other means of direct communication.

2) Try to get a land-line phone number where you can call to confirm your meeting for viewing the property.

3) If you are abroad, it will be best to speak with the advertiser by phone. Just make sure to NEVER transfer any monies via Western Union or MoneyGram. (if you must, try to make any payment via a reputable escrow sites and services).

If you have any questions or suspicions regarding any adverts and posts you see, please dont hesitate to contact us on info@RoomMatesUK.com

Does it really work?

Yes! RoomMatesUK.com offers members who have flats for rent and members who are looking for a flat to rent a dynamic, productive and time saving way to find each other. With its dynamic and user friendly interface, RoomMatesUK.com is the easy way to find a perfect match for your flat search. We invite you to register for FREE and see for yourself why RoomMatesUK.com is the Smart search engine for accommodation in London!


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